The exploitation from the quarry of Carrière de la Hazotte goes back since the beginning of the 20st century.
Being concerned by this past and focussing on quality, we try to preserve the ancient way of working while modernizing our family business.

We can count on qualified personnel to be able to deliver quality products and realise any particular request which needs special attention.
Eventhough we are constantly evolving and modernizing, Carrière de la Hazotte privileges the traditional way of processing stones.

Our own sandstone is worked near our warehouse; the cobble stones and kerbstones are recycled from old demolished roads or are imported from foreign countries; and jointly we manufacture limestone products with the respect of tradition.
Natural stone can be used for many purposes like paving or construction, but it can also be used for decoration outside houses and even within.
Our phylosophy is to exploit the splendour of natural stone under al its shapes. Anticipating quickly on any request and wish of the customer, is an aspect that gets great particular attention from us.